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Bus Station Luminaire

A luminaire designed to transcend the boundary between natural and artificial illumination

Reta is a recessed luminaire that harnesses the power of artificial and natural light. Much like a transportation system bridges the boundary between community and home, Reta transcends the boundary between the inside and outside of the shelter. Utilizing an engineered daylight aperture Reta is designed to be a modular luminaire that is highly customizable relative to the geometry of the shelter it is occupying. The luminaire is designed to be vandal resistant and IP66 rated, increasing lifespan and quelling maintenance needs. Reta allows lighting designers to choose a custom luminous pattern aesthetic, which aids each bus shelter to define its identity. Reta diffuses daylight passing through during sunlight hours, thereby minimizing the need for artificial lighting.

Reta is an aesthetic compliment to the structure of the bus shelter, while also providing function and responsive lighting that serves both bus operators and patrons. An RGB LED strip installed above the bus shelter connects to a series of interactive buttons and occupancy sensors which activate the colors of the RGB light to cue bus drivers whether or not there are patrons inside the bus shelter. This feature increases safety for the transportation system by lessening the need for a bus driver to search for waiting patrons. A warm white LED downlight component provides functional light to the shelter and surrounding areas.

Thoughtful integration between natural and artificial light along with a focus on function makes Reta a welcome addition to any transportation waiting area environment.

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