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Combining Past and Current Daylighting Design Methods to Facilitate Student Design Experience | Spring 2020

Advising Faculty: Moses Ling

​In the engineering and construction industry, digital design and automation have become the premier vehicles to achieve great designs. However, by combining digital and physical design methods, new designers will be armed with the skills to create designs that balance integration between multiple disciplines in complex projects. Academic environments reinforce industry trends by focusing on new technology and digital methods that govern curricula to keep students on the cutting edge, while pre-digital, or physical, design methods are often forgotten. This student engagement experience uses a Heliodon daylighting apparatus to encourage students to translate a digital design process into the physical world to evaluate daylighting performance in the built environment. By combining digital and physical design methods, students will be able to leverage a larger variety of tools to arrive at integrated, high-performing design solutions.

Download a PDF copy of the above poster here. 

Development of a Multi-Emitter LED Light Source | Spring 2018

Advising Faculty: Dr. Kevin Houser

​With the rise in popularity of LED light sources, it’s become possible to address diminished color quality at low light levels. This decreased color quality is a result of the human visual systems loss of sensitivity to color at low light levels, resulting in washed out and dull colors. In the market today, there are products that attempt to recreate the impressive color rendering quality that an incandescent bulb does, but most fall short. Our current research tackles this problem by assessing the performance of a multi-emitter LED light source. This multi-emitter LED attempts to combat the diminished saturation of colors by offering tunable channels of light of varying wavelengths. Results that show that diminished color saturation can be combated with a highly engineered light spectrum. With successful development of this light source, in a commercially standard size, places like museums and restaurants will be experienced in a whole new way.

Download a PDF copy of the above poster here. 

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