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This is an updated database of all of the projects I have been involved with. Filter to see only specific project types and click on a project image to learn more!

Integrated Wellness Center

A fourth year multi-disciplinary healthcare design studio project that focused on health, well-being and integrated design.

Daylighting, Parametric Design, Computational Design, Lighting Design, Architecture

Parametric Baffle Optimization

A slew of computational and data visualization tools were used to explore hundreds of different baffles and artistic reflective wall for a multi-story atrium.

Lighting Design, Computational Design, Parametric Design, Daylighting

Habitat for Humanity Home

A collaboration with Habitat for Humanity and the Stuckeman Architecture School to design a hyper-efficient affordable home in Bellefonte, PA.

Community Service, Architecture

Iconic Skytower Competition

A design competition to design a overlook tower and experience center in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Architecture, Lighting Design, Competition

Lab and Office Building (Core and Shell)

Exterior facade and atrium lighting schemes for a large core and shell office/lab building.

Lighting Design

Bus Station Luminaire

A luminaire designed to transcend the boundary between natural and artificial illumination

Competition, Lighting Design, Product Design, 3D Printing

Lower Middle School

AEI Team Thesis Student Design Competition that challenges students to integrate across discipline areas to achieve a beautiful, high-performing lower middle school in Washington D.C.

Parametric Design, Computational Design, Daylighting, Lighting Design, Architecture, Competition

Intern Design Day

An intern design competition to design a inviting, appropriate museum of innovation in Downtown Detroit.

Lighting Design, Architecture


A tabletop luminaire that enhances the play of transparency with light and shadow.

Competition, Lighting Design, Product Design, 3D Printing

The Plexus

A second-year architecture studio that focused on a multi-use high rise located in State College, PA.

Architecture, Daylighting, Lighting Design, 3D Printing

Fast Frog Marketing Firm

Lighting design scheme made for

Lighting Design

Mobile Lighting Display

A research project to create a pair of color discrimination displays for light sources.

Lighting Design, Product Design, Research, 3D Printing

Nature Trail Bridge

The construction and installation of a small pedestrian bridge to connect two walking trails in Boalsburg, PA.

Community Service

Multi-Emitter LED Source

The development of a new PAR38 module to accept revolutionary color changing LED's.

3D Printing, Research, Product Design, Lighting Design

Healthcare Project

Lighting design schemes and validation for a large hospital in Georgia.

Lighting Design

Old Main at Penn State

A design project which engaged students and professionals to design new lighting for Penn State's historic Old Main.

Lighting Design

Howard Brandston Competition

The renowned Howard Brandston Competition focused on a tasteful lighting solution for a bookstore in Philadelphia, PA.

Lighting Design, Competition

Historic Facade

The use of 3D scanning technology to revolutionize the lighting design process with historic structures.

3D Scanning, Lighting Design

Community Service Spring Break

Various service trips across the world to bring decent, affordable housing to all.

Community Service


A 4' diameter edgelit acrylic pendant that balances beauty and function.

Product Design, Lighting Design, 3D Printing

Glazing Properties vs. Facade Geometry

A research project to explore the effect of building form and glazing properties on overall building performance.

Research, Computational Design, Parametric Design, Daylighting

Daylight Modeling Methods

A research project to explore different methods and teaching programs to engage students with the qualitative and quantitative aspects of daylighting.

Research, Daylighting, Product Design

Mall Renovation

Schematic level lighting design schemes for a mall renovation.

Lighting Design


A wall mounted step light with edgelit acrylic optics.

Product Design, Architecture, 3D Printing

Pavilion Bruco

A second year studio project that focused on creating an interactive pavilion on the Penn State Campus.


Tai Ping Tian Hsa Cultural Center

A third year studio project that focused on a culturally appropriate nature and education center in Hong Kong.

Architecture, Lighting Design, Daylighting

Bi-Directional Scattering Distribution Function Generator

This project bridges the gap between Grasshopper user objects and difficult to use, but powerful, Radiance commands.

Computational Design, Research, Daylighting

Environmental Education Hub

A lighting design solution that balanced safety and beauty.

Lighting Design

Medium Office Building Facade

Facade lighting schemes for a multi-story overhang located in Grand Rapids, MI.

Lighting Design

Office Building Interior

A variety of office lighting design studies for an innovative technology and instrument manufacturer.

Lighting Design

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