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Howard Brandston Competition

The renowned Howard Brandston Competition focused on a tasteful lighting solution for a bookstore in Philadelphia, PA.

Dualism is the philosophical idea that body and mind exist in two different realities: the physical and nonphysical. Literature allows us to navigate between these realities by transporting us to somewhere else. Similarly, the interaction of light and shadow with geometry and materiality stimulates the human experience and transcends the border of realities. Throughout the program, light interacts with the user in two ways: a physical manifestation and nonphysical emanation. These layers of light combine to create spaces that encourage customer interaction and facilitate employee tasks.
The exterior impression of the space captivates passersby through a gentle illumination of the underside of the storefront canopy. After entering the store, the lighting design draws attention to the area juxtaposed to the façade with decorative pendants for ease of reading, contrasted by the backlit bookstore logo. The bookstore and rare book room encourages customers to explore and dive deep into the selected literature by means of uniform illumination of bookshelves and display tables. Opposing the pendant fixtures washing the bookshelves, illumination from concealed lighting details pours out from above perimeter shelving and column capital accents. The office and lecture room enhance the learning and discovery process for both employees and customers. Acoustic direct/indirect lighting in the lecture space allows for optimum scene control, while track mounted spotlights are concealed between acoustic luminaires to enhance presentation modes. Direct/indirect pendants for task lighting are balanced by backlit glass panels with dynamic white control to simulate a window and connect employees to the natural environment.

This project was completed in collaboration with Katie Strohm.

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